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I Drive Alone
In The End, It Doesn't Even Matter
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29th-Oct-2011 12:47 am - Damon/Elena - One Moment
Buffy Angel
Damon and Elena, moments from season 3.
Craig Armstrong - Morning Breaks
Behind the cutCollapse )
14th-Aug-2010 09:57 pm - Meme, day 7
Let's start again...

Day sevenCollapse )
1st-Aug-2010 06:32 pm - Video - Wait for me

Video about Bones, about their partnership. Songs : Wait for me - Moby / Girls wanna have fun - Norman Palm


29th-Jul-2010 10:16 am(no subject)
Between looking for an apartment and looking for something to do at work, I have to occupy myself, right?

Day FourCollapse )
28th-Jul-2010 11:55 am(no subject)
XF - Lick
And to continue with my intellectually stimulating week...

Day ThreeCollapse )
27th-Jul-2010 06:34 pm(no subject)
Getting up that early in the morning (yes by that I mean at 8) and having nothing to do should forbidden. So that means Day Two of the meme.

Day TwoCollapse )

26th-Jul-2010 03:14 pm - Meme
A meme to pass the time (to think I'd actually rather be working, go figure).

Day OneCollapse )
1st-Jul-2010 08:45 pm - Twilght Video - Prélude to madness
A video about Edward and Bella in two parts

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